save money with solar

a different way to fund solar PV

Although free solar has come to an end, solar PV is still a fantastic opportunity. With a good, south-facing rooftop system, you could save one third off your electricity bill plus earn a tax free Feed In Tariff (FIT). Together, that could be a massive 17% return on your investment. That's not even taking in to account any home value improvement.

everyone wins

Flendr gives you a new way to fund your solar system, and benefit your family/friends at the same time. That's because you can use Flendr to set up a loan from groups of people (each lending a small amount), and then pay them the interest you would have paid to a bank.

Everyone wins. You get a solar system that could save you a third off your electricity bill and pay you a FIT fee. Out of those savings and earnings you pay your friends and family back with a 'reward rate' that is probably higher than they'd get anywhere else. When you've paid everyone back, you'll have a great system that will carry on earning and saving for you year after year after year. It's a new way of getting something you want without paying an anonymous lender high interest. Instead you benefit your family and friends.

It's easy to get started.

what else can you do with Flendr?

Flendr is for the money that moves between friends and family every week. Lending and borrowing, collections for presents and group events, fundraising for local organisations.
Some of those things are easy to do directly between you, but even the money admin associated with a simple collection between four or five friends can become difficult. Do you really want to keep chasing? Can you exactly remember who owes what?

automate, track, on-line payments

Flendr accounts take money transfers in and organise repayments out, everything is tracked, auto reminders keep you in the picture, an email is sent every time contributions are received toward a loan or collection. It is simple, and avoids any awkwardness or misunderstandings. Why not give it a go?

fees and security

We charge a small fee for our service. £1 per lender for borrowing/lending and 2% for collections and fundraising. Any money transferred into a Flendr account is held securely in designated customer accounts at NatWest until it is ready to be released for the loan, collection etc.

helping each other

Generally, we like helping people we care about. Flendr means you to do that without the stress that sometimes comes with casual agreements, and the time associated with chasing small sums of money like the £5 towards a present. We think you will love it.