save money with solar


Although Free Solar has come to an end, solar PV still represents a fantastic opportunity. With a good, south-facing rooftop system, you could be saving one third off your electricity bill plus earning a tax free Feed In Tariff (FIT). Together, that could be a massive 17% return on your investment*. That’s not even taking in to account any home value improvement.

Flendr gives you an alternative way of funding your solar PV system.

fund it with family

With a Flendr account, you can set up a Solar Loan to be funded by a group. Different family/friends could lend part of what you need for the solar PV. Money transfers are tracked in everyone's account so there are no misunderstandings.

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pay interest to family

You could pay your family/friends something extra out of the tax free FIT you are getting. That means they would be earning probably more than if their money was in a bank account.

money and family

It often makes sense to pool the financial resources of friends and family groups. But if the a arrangements are too loose, it often causes friction. Flendr helps keep relationships strong. Through one secure Flendr account, you can agree, transfer and track all your 'friends and family funding' online, making it more reliable and manageable. And enjoyable - you have access to new funding which makes tax free money from solar PV, for example, within reach.

auto reminders and clarity

Close-circle lending rarely involve contracts, but tracking it through your Flendr account can be helpful because it makes things crystal clear. The loan starts once you're funded by your friends and family and/or you've reached your loan start date. Flendr takes repayments automatically from you, but you can also make ad hoc payments as often as you like.

Solar PV cuts electricity bills, generates tax-free cash, and helps reduce our carbon footprint. Win Win Win


We charge a fee for our service. If you are using money from family or friends for your solar PV, you are effectively a 'borrower'. Borrowers pay £1 per lender, regardless of the amount of money that is being lent or the length of time it is being lent for. In terms of banking fees (which we just pass on directly), it's free for direct bank transfers.  If you use a credit card or debit card, you’ll just pay their standard 2% processing fees, or alternatively your lender(s) may choose to pay it for you.


You want to ensure your money is safe with Flendr. It is. We maintain Flendr customer accounts at NatWest in London. These are accounts designated for the sole purpose of holding funds for the named Flendr customer. We transfer money out generally by BACS to your chosen bank account. We also employ information systems design, testing and verification standards and requirements in accordance with good industry practice to ensure that credit cards, debit cards and other payment types are debited correctly.