save money with solar

a different way to fund solar PV

Although free solar has come to an end, solar PV is still a fantastic opportunity. With a good, south-facing rooftop system, you could save one third off your electricity bill plus earn a tax free Feed In Tariff (FIT). Together, that could be a massive 17% return on your investment. That's not even taking in to account any home value improvement.

everyone wins

Flendr gives you a new way to fund your solar system, and benefit your family/friends at the same time. That's because you can use Flendr to set up a loan from groups of people (each lending a small amount), and pay them the interest you would have paid to a bank. So they benefit, you pay them out of your solar savings and earnings, and you'll be left with a system which will carry on producing free electricity year after year. And Flendr handles all the money transfers, repayment reminders, calculations and tracks everything in your Flendr account.
There's more detail on how it works here or register now and get ready to set up your loan.


using Flendr to help family with credit assessment

You probably have people in your friend or family group who can't get access to competitive credit rates - maybe they don't have a job at the moment, or they have just finished college. It's difficult to get credit without a good credit history, but how do you get that history if you can't get credit?? And that will impact everything from mobile phone contracts through to mortgages.

Using Flendr may help. If you put every casual loan you do through Flendr as a money transfer - whether £20 or £200 - it will be recorded in the borrower's Flendr account. Every loan and every repayment they make, including whether it is paid when due. On request, we will send an official letter confirming payments/repayments which could be shown to any third party such as a landlord, to demonstrate credit responsibility.

Our fee for lending and borrowing is £1 per lender (capped at 2% of the loan value) regardless of how long the loan is for or how much. Why not register and help a family member?



there's more to Flendr

Flendr is for the money that moves between friends and family every week. Lending and borrowing, collections for presents and group events, fundraising for local organisations.
Some of those things are easy to do directly, but the money admin associated with even a simple collection between four friends can become difficult. Do you really want to keep chasing? Can you exactly remember who owes what?

automate, track, on-line payments

Flendr accounts take money transfers in and make repayments out, everything is tracked, auto reminders keep you in the picture, and an email is sent every time contributions are received. We like helping each other, don't we? Flendr just helps us do more of it more easily, avoiding awkwardness and misunderstandings. We think you'll love the service.

fees and security

There's no Flendr membership cost but we charge a small fee when you do something on Flendr. For lending/borrowing it is £1 per lender (capped at 2%) and 2% for collections and fundraising. Any money transferred into a Flendr account is held securely in designated customer accounts at NatWest.
There's more about collections on this site, but if you're ready to register and start to use our service, great.



We charge a fee for our service. If you are using money from family or friends for your solar PV, you are effectively a 'borrower'. Borrowers pay £1 per lender, regardless of the amount of money that is being lent or the length of time it is being lent for. In terms of banking fees (which we just pass on directly), it's free for direct bank transfers.  If you use a credit card or debit card, you’ll just pay their standard 2% processing fees, or alternatively your lender(s) may choose to pay it for you.


You want to ensure your money is safe with Flendr. It is. We maintain Flendr customer accounts at NatWest in London. These are accounts designated for the sole purpose of holding funds for the named Flendr customer. We transfer money out generally by BACS to your chosen bank account. We also employ information systems design, testing and verification standards and requirements in accordance with good industry practice to ensure that credit cards, debit cards and other payment types are debited correctly.